Prime real estate

You became my drug of choice.  Ugh I’m such a idiot. Why is that anyone else I can charm but you.

This is what happens, I get guy friends that get these stupid girlfriends, granite not all of them are stupid. But this one is. They end up saying they still want to be friends and hang out. But we all know how that goes.  So I guess I’ll see or talk to you again when things get rough or it ends.

I could blow your mind boy, I could be your new toy.

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The game

I really don’t understand people sometimes. If someone made you miserable and felt like you had no control of your own life ,why would you keep dating that person. Unless that person has something really special about them why would you keep crawling on your hands and knees to get to that person?  I feel like all these dumb beezys have an upper advantage. They play dumb and they get what they want. I also hate that if you sleep with a guy your attracted to, your automatically ruled out for no dating purposes. This game thats played is stupid. You should be able to make up your own rules rather than take what society has told us and has engraved it into our minds.  I guess I just may be bi-est to that whole concept because of the way my life is now, but still……

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